Summer Movie: The Adventures of Tintin

Join us for our summer matinees every Wednesday afternoon, from July 18 to August 22.  There is no charge, and everyone is welcome.  Bring your own snacks, or enjoy a complimentary popcorn and iced tea. 

Today's feature film is The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn.

This action-packed story is about a boy who buys a model of an old ship named the Unicorn, only to discover that it contains a clue about a hidden treasure. Tintin sets out with his loyal dog (Snowy) and a drunken ship's master (Captain Haddock) to solve the mystery, Haddock tells Tintin that his ancestor, Sir Francis Haddock, had to scuttle the original ship three hundred years prior but manged to save his treasure. Clues about the treasure's location are hidden in three separate scrolls within the Unicorn ship models. The group must find the scrolls to fulfil the prophesy that only the last of the Haddocks can uncover the treasure's location.

This 2011 animated film is approximately two hours long and is rated PG for adventure action violence and some drunkenness.


To see the original trailer, click here.

Event Date: 
2018 Aug 1 - 3:00pm - 5:00pm